Blast Furnaces in BilbaoDario de Regoyos, 1908

Dario de Regoyos (1857-1913) was a Spanish painter most famed for his contribution to the revival of Spanish painting. He studied in Madrid and Brussels and after graduating, travelled quite widely, throughout Morocco, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium. His style developed from naturalism, through impressionism to pointillism. He’s credited with introducing impressionism to Spanish art, and though his work was not widely admired during his lifetime, after his death, his art became respected and popular.


Darío de Regoyos [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Wrap Up Your Painting

  • What caught your eye immediately about the painting?
  • How did you describe the character of the built environment to yourself?
  • How did the air smell, in your imagination?
  • Did you think the person you focused on was affluent or not? How could you tell?
  • In what way, if any, did this guided noticing activity add to your original impressions of the painting?
  • How do you feel now you’ve completed this activity? If you enjoyed it, why not add more Look at Paintings audio guides to your week? And don’t forget, you can take these guides with you to your local gallery and try them whilst standing in front of ‘real life’ art