1_Landscape Spring by Carl_Conrad_Dahlberg

Landscape: SpringCarl Conrad Dahlberg, 1866

Carl Conrad Dahlberg (1805-1870) was Swedish and mainly known as a portrait painter and decorator. This seasonal painting of spring dating from 1866 is one of four in a series that shows the daily life in the Scanian (south Swedish) countryside during the 1860s. Its record of agricultural activity and the variety of tasks being performed makes it a fascinating historical picture.


Attribution: By Carl Conrad Dahlberg (1805 - 1870) – Painter (Swedish) Born in Malmö, Sweden. Dead in Stockholm, Sweden. Details of artist on Google Art Project [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Wrap Up Your Painting

  • In what way, if any, did this guided noticing activity add to your original impressions of the painting?
  • What was it like to remove the people from the painting?
  • Did you think the people were central to or incidental to the painting?
  • Did you want to be in the painting with the other people? Why did you feel that way?
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Wrap Up Your Painting

  • What do you think of the folksy style of the painting?
  • What do you think was the purpose of the painting?
  • Where did you place yourself in the painting and what were you doing?
  • Do you feel differently about the painting at the end of this activity than you did at the beginning?
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