3_Mont St Michel by Charles Bentley

Mont St MichelCharles Bentley, 1854

Charles Bentley (1808-1854) was a painter of watercolours and was also trained in aqua-tinting and print colouring. He painted scenes from many areas of Britain, the north of Ireland, Jersey and Normandy, which he visited between 1836 and 1841. He was not successful financially although he exhibited frequently. He was described by a contemporary as “always poor”, which is the sad epitaph of so many artists. He died from cholera at the age of 48 during an epidemic of that disease in 1854, the year this painting is thought to have been painted.


Reproduced by kind permission of Manchester Art Gallery

Wrap Up Your Painting

  • In what way, if any, did this guided noticing activity add to your original impressions of the painting?
  • What was it like to remove the people from the painting?
  • Did you think the people were central to or incidental to the painting?
  • Did you want to be in the painting with the other people? Why did you feel that way?
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Wrap Up Your Painting

  • Which side of the painting did you like the best?
  • What was it like to stand on the beach?
  • How did you feel when you discovered the true purpose of this building at the time the painting was created?
  • What did you think of the suggestion that we could be viewing a journey of souls to their destinies?
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