4_The_pinch_of_poverty by Thomas_B._Kennington

The Pinch of PovertyThomas Benjamin Kennington, 1891

Thomas Kennington (1856-1916) was born in Grimsby in Lincolnshire, and studied art first in London and then in Paris. He returned to England after his studies and set up a studio in Chelsea. A highly-accomplished figure painter, he became known both for his idealized domestic scenes and his social realist paintings. These latter sought to depict the plight of the poor – orphans, homeless people, hungry families trying to scrape a living by selling street goods – in a way that played on the consciences and emotions of the onlookers.


Thomas Kennington [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Wrap Up Your Painting

  • Is this painting depicting the era in which it was painted, or another era?
  • Did you think the person you chose to look at was isolated or interacting with the other people in the painting?
  • What event would you have liked to visit on this person?
  • How might it change the way the painter depicted the scene in your imagination?
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