5_The_Jewelry_Maker by Tornai

The Jewellery MakerGyula Tornai, date unknown

Gyula Tornai (1861-1928) was born in Hungary and studied in Vienna, Munich and Budapest. He started out painting scenes of everyday life around him, but then embarked on a series of exotic foreign painting trips to Morocco, India, China and Japan. His themes changed to reflect what he saw there. His success as a selling artist financed his travels.

Although some of his paintings, especially of women, are rather self-consciously exotic and mildly erotic, many seem to attempt to show people and life as they really were, in his far-flung destinations.


Gyula Tornai [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Wrap Up Your Painting

  • What clues did you pick up about the person, from the objects in the painting’s environment?
  • How did you think it would feel to wear the clothes this person is wearing?
  • What aromas did you think this person could detect in their environment?
  • What happened next in the scene?
  • Did you like the person or not? Why did you feel this way?
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